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The Full Story

   Our Program

Jabez Customize Living Services (Jabez CLS) is to provide affordable housing with supportive services for people living with mental health illness, chemical dependence, developmental disorders and other disabilities. We will do so in a safe, nurturing and home based environment. Through our services, we will help clients achieve their personal goals, make healthy and positive choices,

and ease the stress of life transitions. 

The unsheltered crisis in Minnesota reflects our racial disparities. In Minnesota, African Americans have a 1:100 chance of experiencing homelessness. 

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Our Services

Customized Plans


Providing clients specific need support services that fits their lifestyle. We provide guidance through life's challenges and flexibly implement plans that deliver a desired outcome.


Extended Residential Living

- Residential / Assisted Housing

Structured Days

Healthy Choices: food/exercise, relaxation/meditation/mindfullness, healthy communication, sexual health, hearing voices groups and other life skills sessions.

  • Basic Life Skill Resources

  • Money Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skill-Building

  • Violence/Trauma Prevention

  • CPR Training

  • Parent/ Child Counseling

  • Spiritual Life Support

  • Nutritional Services

  • Medication Management

  • Housing Program

  • Mental Health Care/ Education

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