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Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen.

Jabez Blessing House 

The Jabez Blessing House hosts an ever-changing and broad array of events, Bible study groups and prayer groups.  Lunch served on Monday and Friday. Bible Study on Wednesday. Pray on Monday and Friday.

Core Values

  • God brings to the Blessing House those whom He wants to bless.

  • Blessing is dynamic in that as we are blessed, we bless others.

  • People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to experience God in a place of beauty, harmony, inspiration and celebration.

  • All who enter find a place of belonging, enriched conversation, authentic friendships and joy because of the presence of Holy Spirit.

  • The hunger to know God in a personal and meaningful way is nourished by spaces and places of beauty, order, contemplation, mystery and adventure.

  • Discovery, open conversation, prayer and teaching are activated in an environment that provides comfort, invitation, teaching and fellowship around good food and learning resources.​

  • A home environment, gardens and pathways, indoor and outdoor gathering places.

  • The Blessing House includes grounds and landscapes as places of blessing.

Jabez Blessing House includes:

(Every service is by appointment or referral)

  • Daily meal and snack

  • Supportive Services

  • Testing Resources (Covid -19, HIV, and Blood Sugar)

  • Application Help (SSI and Employment)

  • Bathing Self Cares

  • Laundry Cares

  • Hair Cuts/Hair Styles 

  • Foot Care

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Drinking Coffee
Happy Senior Couple


The Jabez Blessing House creates a peaceful, safe and serviced environment for God's presence to preside.


Everyone who enters will enjoyed the love field presence of Christ. As well as learning deep truths of a Christ and want to live a peaceful and centered life.

Holding Hands
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