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Can Christians Be Feminist?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Journey to the Well: 12 Lessons on Personal Transformation hosted by The HER Center and lead by Minister Nicole Fernandez, a woman filled with passion for the growth of her follow sisters in christ.

In the tradition of empowering spiritual writers such as Ilanya Vanzant, Bishop Vashti McKenzie offers women a Christian path to personal transformation. A groundbreaking preacher who, in 2000, became the first woman to serve as bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bishop McKenzie is renowned for her eloquence and passion in the pulpit. Now she brings her inspirational message to readers through the biblical story of the meeting at the well between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. In twelve lessons, McKenzie interweaves the Samaritan woman's experiences with contemporary personal stories, Bible quotations, life-affirming sayings, and meditational activities. Through them she shows women that if they hold onto hope and listen for their moments of epiphany, they can accomplish anything.

If you know who you are, then why don't you act like it?

Minister Nicole and Minister Pam created a experience of safe place to share weekly check in, feedback and check outs. The twelve chapters in the book and each woman is responsible for writing the 13th chapter of their personal journey. The 13th chapter is the final insight that the women would like to share with one another about their personal journey to the well. The book is presented in a circle style format, we will establish agreements that make a safe and nurturing place for each woman to grow and share her truth. The lessons in the book are powerful and transformational, my style of teaching is to incorporate "Womanist" Theological dialogue whenever possible. Together we are offering these four basic principles; mutual aid, respect, empowerment, and democracy; each of us has a voice and we want to honor one another while learning. Lastly, confidentiality is of the utmost importance, what is shared in the circle stays in the circle and not to be repeated to anyone even absent participants from week to week. If you want to read the final chapter of the woman books visit

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